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Indian Wedding jewellery. Wedding in India is a prefect meet for two souls who gonna make their life one. Wedding in India has very special day for both groom and bride. On this day, each and every individual participate in the journey to make this day special for everyone. Jewellery has a special meaning for this day. The flair, aroma and the colours add light to the overall get-up of already gorgeous you. Kundan can be moulded in any design idea such as Indian Wedding jewellery, Earrings and Bangles. For this modality, kundan is one of the best ingredient in designer jewellery.

The designer not look for kundan alone but mix it with various ingredients like American diamond, Gold plated jewelleryto design some extraordinary looks. The desire of designer jewellery is always high for each and every bride on these special day as jewellery makes the style statement in Indian Wedding. Kundan jewellery can be used for each and every age group people and looks fab with indian ethnic wear. For the brides to be Kundan as wedding jewellery will glorify the bride as a queen. A decent, subtle look is what every modern girl aspires. Pearl with long stands can add real beauty. The long positions will act like royalty and will add a mark for the bride. The Navrantna gemstone and minute detail Jadu (real Kundan) can be an excellent option for the bride looking for a substantial look.


1) Maang Tikka - Bride is incomplete without a Maang Tikka that adorns her forehead. Maang tikkas are worn at the parting of your hair. Maang tikkas come in many forms and designs; you can choose from varius options that suits your forehead and the look you seek.

2). Necklace - Another unavoidable jewellery for the Indian bride is the necklace. A well-crafted and exquisite traditional necklace works wonders on your appearance. A necklace not only dazzles on your neck but also accentuates your overall beauty.

3) Rani Haar - As the name suggests, is a neckpiece for the queens. They are long, majestic neckpieces that turn eyes and heads alike. As opposed to a necklace, it is significantly longer and regal, having various layers and a pendant.

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